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Practical Observability (Course)

Join Knox Lively, recovering DevOps Engineer and Lead Tech Evangelist at Observe, Inc., alongside his trusty side-kick robot, o11y, as they guide you through the vast and sometimes confusing universe of observability.

What You’ll Learn In This Course:

  • What observability is, and what it isn’t.
  • Who needs observability — hint, it’s not just for engineers!
  • How to get started with observability, and the tools you’ll need along the way.

Diversion Version Control (Quickstart Guide)

Get up to speed with Diversion’s cloud-based version control in this concise, 3-minute tutorial. We’ll guide you through setting up your first repository, familiarizing you with basic CLI commands, and the core functionality of our cloud-based version control system.

Ideal for newcomers to Diversion or for those in need of a refresher, this tutorial simplifies mastering the basics, making it both easy and quick!


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