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In this unique business novel by Dave Harrison and Knox Lively, two DevOps professionals with years of diverse experience in the industry, you follow Ben as he solves work frustrations in order to adopt Agile, DevOps, and microservices architectures for his organization. Achieving DevOps addresses the “Now what?” moment many DevOps professionals face on their journey. The story provides you with the knowledge you need to navigate the internal political waters, build management support, show measurable results, and bring DevOps successfully into your organization.

Come away with practical lessons and timeless business concepts. You’ll know how to effect change in a company from the bottom up, gain support, and instill a pattern of progressively building on success. Experience Ben’s progress vicariously in Achieving DevOps and bridge the gap between inspiration and the implementation of your own DevOps practices.

Who This Book Is For?

Those serving as change agents who are working to influence and move their organizations toward a DevOps approach to software development and deployment: those working to effect change from the bottom up such as development leads, QA leads, project managers, and individual developers; and IT directors, CTOs, and others at the top of an organization who are being asked to lend their support toward DevOps implementation efforts.

Sample Chapter: Introduction

Need to get up to speed on observability fast? Observability For Dummies, Observe Special Edition is the place to start. This is your introduction to the concepts of observability, why you need it, and how to make it a reality without paying a fortune or pulling your hair out.

Organizations are drowning in a sea of data generated by modern tools and technologies designed to make developers’ lives easier. Monitoring won’t cut it anymore. If you care about MTTR and delivering products and services your customers rave about, you need observability.

Read this book to learn:

  • What observability is, and why it matters
  • How to get started with observability and build a business case for it
  • Best practices for observing complex cloud environments